Liturgical Ministries

Adult Choir
Open to adults who desire to lead the congregation in song.

Altar Servers
Open to all boys and girls ages 9 and older.

Children's Church
For all ages 5-10 at the 9:30 & 11 am Sunday Masses.

Eucharistic Servers
Any registered parishioner, confirmed and able to receive Communion may take on this service.

Open to all parishioners who have a desire and are able to proclaim the Word of God appropriately.

Established to enable those to feel welcomed and invited to praise God.

The Word
A musical group that leads the congregation in song on the second and third Sunday of the month at the 6:00 PM Mass.

Youth Choir
Contemporary music for Catholic worship. For ages 5-12. Sings Sunday at 9:30 am Mass.

One Heart
A Contempary Christian Youth Band that leads the Congregation on the first and last Sunday of the month at the 6:00 PM Mass.

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