• Sunday Bulletin, December 14, 2014
      Wednesday, December 17, 6:00 PM


      Saturday, December 13
      4:00    -Mass for Joyce Adams, John W. Andries, Bruce Dekeyzer, Annette Merritt, Ervin Riche, Ray Whatley
      5:30    -Mass for Denise Gremillion Bankovic

      Sunday, December 14
      8:00    -Mass for John and Lena Rini
      9:30    -Mass for Bart and Eric Wilmore
                  -Children’s Church (5-10 yrs old)
      11:00    -Mass for the people of the parish
                  -Children’s Church (5-10 yrs old)
      12:30    -Spanish Mass for Stanley Hanhart
      6:00    -Mass for Norman Crawford

      Monday, December 15
      8:00    -Mass for Paul Lohman, Betty Mathews

      Tuesday, December 16
      8:00    -Mass for Richard Mayeaux
      10:00    -Mass at Lexington House Nursing Home for Fred Geisel

      Wednesday, December 17
      8:00    -Mass for Annette Merritt
      4:30    -Wednesday Evening Meal (HFC)
      6:00    -CCD Religious Formation Penance Service &
                  Christmas Party
      6:00    -9th Grade Youth Program (Youth Room)
      6:00    -1st Year & 2nd  Confirmation Penance Service

      Thursday, December 18
      8:00    -Mass for Julius Michiels

      Friday, December 19
      8:00    -Mass for Dena Flynn, Richard Mayeaux, Sid Rud, Al Schexnaider

      Saturday, December 20
      4:00    -Mass for Joyce Adams, John Wesley Andries, Bruce Dekeyzer, Bennett Jeansonne, Jr., W.C. Johnson, Jr., Jules Lacour, C.L. & Vergie Michiels, Ervin Riche, Julian Kenneth Turner, Rowena Vidrine, Ray Whatley
      5:30    - Mass for Denise Gremillion Bankovic

      Sunday, December 21
      8:00    -Mass for Dena Flynn
      9:30    -Mass for Jack Dekeyzer, Julie Dekeyzer Williams
                  -Children’s Church (5-10 yrs old)
      11:00    -Mass for the people of the parish
                  -Children’s Church (5-10 yrs old)
      12:30    -Spanish Mass for Mary Lee Foreman
      6:00    -Mass for Theresa Heston

      ALTAR FLOWERS: If you are interested in donating fresh flowers for the altar call the church office at 445-7141 ext 214. Flowers are $75 for both arrangements.

      ALTAR SANCTUARY LAMPS were provided in loving memory of Victor Wilder by his grandchildren, Austin and Peyton Wilder. If you are interested in having a loved one remembered by providing the sanctuary lamps, call the church office at 445-7141 ext 214. Cost is $7.50 per candle.

      ADORATION CHAPEL: The Blessed Sacrament is reserved for adoration by all the faithful in the St. Pius X Chapel located in the rear of the Church building. To obtain the combination for the chapel  stop by the church office at 3822 Bayou Rapides Road, during office hours. We remind you not to give the code to anyone, and please do not open the door for anyone.

      READINGS FOR NEXT WEEKEND: Sm 7:1-5, 8b-12, 14a, 16 Ps 89:2-5, 27, 29 Rom 16:25-27 Lk 1:26-38 Catechism 464-469

      WEDNESDAY EVENING MEAL: 4:30 - 6:00 PM in the Holy Family Center, this week’s menu: Pork Roast, Dirty Rice, Green Beans, Roll, Dessert, Tea. Workers this week are Rodney Feazell, Debbie Deville, Haley Deville, Pat Spangler, Brenda Benoit, Edward Vercher and the weekly regulars. Cost is $5.00 for dine in or take out. For more information call 445-7141 ext 214. Please join us for delicious food and fellowship!

      ADVENT HOMILIES: At weekend Masses in Advent, we will be giving short homilies, followed by a few minutes of reflection. We pray that it will provide an opportunity for us all to take a break from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the season and help to ‘quiet our spirits’!


      Regular Collection    
      Average expenses for week                              $21,552.76
      Gifts for the week of December 7                      $35,572.87
      Over for the week of December 7                      $14,020.11
      Holy Day Collection                                               $2,964.00
      Holy Family Center    
      Balance on HFC Note 11/04/2014                      $645,092.46
      Collected on Pledges Month of Dec                     $9,115.58
      Balance on School Loan 11/04/2014                   $28,128.54


          All of the people in today’s readings–the prophet Isaiah, the Virgin Mary, St. Paul, St. John the Baptist–seemed to understand clearly and rejoice in what God was calling them to be and to do. Do I?


      OUR SICK: Audra Cannon, Joyce Carmouche, Baby Riley Cole, Carmen Costa, Micheal Dekeyzer, Rufus Dunn. Eric Hess, William Lamkin, Brenda Rodgers, Kenneth Trahan, Mary Warrington, Patsy Wilmore

      RECOVERING, CONVALESCING OR ONGOING TREATMENT: Joan  Andries, Mary Jane Britt, Bralynn Cooke, Pat Curcio,  Gayle Dubea, Brenda Evans, Fr. George Krosfield, Tina LaBorde, Ressie Lemoine, Peggy Marcotte, Annette McNulty, Dusty Nassif, Landon Pyburn, Nancy Riche, Baby Sydney Rud, Nancy Thiels Smith, Erica Stewart, Kathy Fryer Thomas,  Al Velotta, Jean Wehrle, John Whittington, Donald Young, Frank Zangla

      OUR SHUT- INS: Harry Armand, Virgie Armand, Alice Arsenault, Eudore Arsenault, Jacqueline Barthel, Minnie Basco, Belton Beaubouef, Lizzie Belgard, Maretta Benoit, Nellie Bordelon, Shirley Bost, Florence Broussard, Eleanor Bynum, Marcelle Campo, Madeline Cancienne, Joyce Carmouche, Alfred Cook, Rita Cormier, Carmen Costa, Rebecca Curcio, Myrtis Daigre, Eileen Drerup, Yvonne Dubroc, Michael Dwyer, Thelma Elie, Grace Ellis, Elsie Farman, Gerald Flynn,  Aline Garon, Loyd Gaspar, Mary Gaspard, Lois Gauthier, Eula George, Jeanette Gilmore, Doris Greene, Jessie Griffin, Ruby Guilbeaux, Anita Guillory, Jack Haller, Dorothy Harmeier, Rose Harmon, Claire Hebert, Bertha Hopewell, Virginia Jackson, Mary Jones, Patricia Lamkin, Josephine Marcotte, Alice Mathews, Marjorie Mathews, Eula Maumphrey, Dorothy McGee, Clemmie Michiels, Elaine “Smokie” Michiels, Lettie Michiels, Ann Miller, Bernice Moore,  Ovada Morgan, Hilda Naquin, Connie Nasello, Kitty Nassif, Jacqueline O’Neal, Billie Penny, Yvonne Perrin, Hazel Phillips, Rose Ponthieux, Phyllis Potts, Lucille Robinette, Theresa Rudisill, Joyce Scallan, Acadia St.Dozier, Ina Steiner, Enola Stewart, Jane Thiels, Lloyd Trahan, Catherine Turner, Michael Turner, Susan Turner, Frances Vance, Cornelia Vanlangendonck, Leala Vercher, Joseph Vermaelen, Mary Verzwyvelt, Virginia Verzwyvelt, Willie Voorhies, Elcho Young

      PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR MILITARY: Captain Greg Abide, Ariail Andries, Cpt. Donald R. Bolton, Jr., SSgt Chad Bordelon, ASAR Quincy Bordelon, Lt. Luke Borrel, Chaplain Captain John Brocato, SSgt. Mike Carlin, Sgt. Brad Cavrak, 1st Lt. Brian Clayton, E4 Cruz Cline, Spc. Robert Crawford, USCG-BM1 Todd Crooks, Lieutenant Brian Dendy, Sgt. Rachael Ducote, Col. Richard Fenoli, Captain Christina Frazier, Captain Mike Frazier, Sgt. Matthew Gallagher, Eric Jeansonne, SSgt. Bryan Lachney, SSgt. Danielle Lachney, SFC Steven C. Looney, HA Jacob A. Orlando, HN Christian Perkins, Greg Perkins, AO1 Jacob Spangler, Sgt. Mallory Swinnen, SSgt. Mark Swinnen, 2nd Lt. Francis Jerome Vanderlick, Lt. Claire M. Vidrine. If you have members of your family who have been called to active military duty, or are already on active duty, please call 445-7141 ext 214 or e-mail us at dbrown@strita.org.  Please remember to keep all our military and their families in your prayers.

      PARISH OFFICE HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: For the two weeks of Christmas holidays please note that the parish offices will be closed on the following days; Wednesday, December 24th, Thursday, December 25th, Friday, December 26th, Wednesday, December 31st, Thursday, January 1st and Friday, January 2nd.   Even though the parish office is closed, Fr. Scott and Fr. Taylor will check their messages regularly, so please remember we are here to serve you at all times! You can leave a message for Fr. Scott (445-7141 ext. 212) or Fr. Taylor (445-7141 ext 211).
          Of course if you have an emergency for someone who is seriously ill or dying, please call 445-7141 ext. 4 and a priest will be paged to answer your call.

      ST. VINCENT DE PAUL STORE will be closed the  December 24 - 26th and December 31st - January 2nd .

      ADVENT MORNING PRAYER is celebrated Monday-Friday at 7:45 AM during the season of advent. Please come and join us.    – Sr. Nell

      Notes from the Pastor......

        We do have a Lost and Found Department in the Sacristy at Church!  If you have lost rosaries, hats, gloves, toys, sunglasses, eyeglasses or any other item, you may check with a Sacristan after Mass.  We are “piled up” and will be forced to discard the remaining items soon!  Thank you!

        Christmas is coming quickly!  Please note that there will be NO 8:00 AM Mass on Christmas Eve, Wednesday, December 24.  Masses for Christmas are 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM (Children’s Mass) on Wednesday, December 24; Midnight Mass at 12:00 PM; and Masses on Christmas Day, Thursday, December 25, are at 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM.
                                                                             –Fr. Scott

      CHURCH VOCATIONS COLLECTION: This collection is taken the month of December  throughout our diocese for the education and formation of our priests.  Through the Church Vocation Collection, your generosity and prayers allow the church to continue to provide priests, sisters and brothers to serve our spiritual and physical needs.  Please be generous to this collection.  You may use the envelope in your monthly packet or a pew envelope clearly marked and simply drop it in the collection basket.    – Bishop Herzog

      RETIRED RELIGIOUS COLLECTION: The average age of retired women and men religious currently living in nursing homes is 75 and older.  In 2012 alone, the total cost of care for senior religious was more than $1.1 billion.  For most of their lives, elder religious worked for small stipends and today, in their old age, they need your help.  All proceeds from the Retirement Fund for Religious are distributed to 440 religious communities across the United States, who need to most. You may use the envelope in your monthly packet or a pew envelope clearly marked and drop it in the collection basket.

      MANY THANKS to all who participated and helped with the St. Nicholas Day Celebration! The children had a great time with the songs, games and refreshments. Special thanks to the ladies of the parish for serving the refreshments and thanks to our music ministers Melva Villard and Julie Dekeyzer.
                                            – Fr. Scott, Mrs. Debbie Brown

      ALTAR & ROSARY has Altar Wine available for a $10 donation and the 2015 Calendars for $2. You can pick up the wine or calendar in the Sacristy after Mass.

      WOMEN OF GRACE COMING TO ST. RITA CHURCH!  I am pleased to announce that we will host a Women of Grace study program for all women of the parish beginning in Lent, on Monday evenings, for eleven weeks. This life-changing spiritual formation program was put together by EWTN personality Jonette Benkovic. Many of you may be familiar with her programs and approach.  
        The format will consist of video presentations and break-out sessions for discussion. Through this format, women are fed spiritually, intellectually and emotionally and encouraged to embrace their gift of being daughters of God. You will have the opportunity to sign-up for this program after all Masses on January 3 and 4.  There will be a minimal cost and we do have limited space!  More information will be published in future bulletins.  You may find out more by emailing Desi Martin at dsm9624@live.com or Christine Gormsen at cgormsen@strita.org    –Fr. Scott

      PLEASE BE AWARE that especially during "cold and flu season" we all need to be more conscious when attending Mass. If someone does not extend his or her hand to you at the Sign of Peace, please don't take it personally! Some of our parishioners have chronic illnesses that prohibit them from having contact with too many people, and others may be recovering from a sickness and do not want to risk spreading it. If you have a cold or other possibly contagious health issue, please consider refraining from receiving the Precious Blood.  We ask that Eucharistic Servers be particularly vigilant about washing your hands. And, please remember, that not attending Mass when you are sick is NOT a sin! Thank you for your consideration!                  – Fr. Scott

      POINSETTIA’S FOR OUR SHUT-INS: This year we will again be collecting monetary donations to purchase  poinsettia’s for our 100 shut-ins. The poinsettia’s will be delivered to the shut-ins on Monday, December 22, by Fr. Scott, Fr. Taylor, Deacon Ray and the sisters. If you would like to make a donation, please use a pew envelope, mark it Shut-Ins and drop it in the collection basket. Thanks for your continued support.

      CHRISTMAS MEMORIAL FLOWER FUND:  Remember your loved ones by donating to the Christmas flower fund. A list of the donors and the names of those being remembered will be published in the January 11 bulletin. Donations for the decorating fund is $10. Make checks payable to the St. Rita Altar and Rosary Society, and please include the name(s) of those to be remembered. Thank you for your support!